CRISMA Clinical Research Biospecimen Core Laboratory


The CRISMA Clinical Research Biospecimen Core Laboratory (CRBC Lab) specializes in receiving, processing, biobanking, and tracking biospecimens generated by CRISMA investigators. The CRBC Lab offers a range of services from initial experimental design and protocol development to inventory monitoring. CRBC Lab technicians have extensive experience supporting projects as varied as multicenter NIH-funded clinical trials and pilot studies for clinical fellows. 

  • Michael Muir, Lab Technician
  • Kelly Urbanek, Lab Manager

Design and Consultation

  • Experimental design and protocol development, including optimal biomarker testing and kit building
  • Grant proposal pre- and post-award, including sound budget development
  • Collaboration with other CRISMA Cores to develop robust data collection, virtual shipping, and inventory tracking; as well as develop consenting practices and follow-up methods to ensure sample utility

Project Management

  • Timeline development
  • Patient-specific standard operating procedures
  • Review of IRB and MTA documentation
  • Biomarker testing efficiency for development of specialized collection kits
  • Manuscript preparation

Specimen Processing

  • Receiving and accessioning
  • Testing and processing, including
    • In-house analysis using Luminex, ELISA and Nephrocheck
    • Specimen preparation and delivery to external testing sites
    • QA/review of internal and external test results
    • Data warehouse logging
  • Building and shipping collection kits and specimen labels for inventory monitoring

Specimen Biobanking

  • Short- and long-term biobanking
  • Biospecimen lifecycle management, including recordkeeping and inventory tracking

For more information about using the CRISMA CRBC Lab, contact laforcej [at] (Janeen LaForce).




Octavia M. Peck-Palmer, PhD