Jonathan Elmer, MD, MS

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, and Neurology

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Education & Training

BA, Biochemistry, Swarthmore College, 2004
MD, Medicine, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, 2008
Residency, Emergency Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women's Hospital, 2012
Fellowship, Critical Care Medicine, Neurocritical Care, University of Pittsburgh, 2014
MS, Clinical Research, University of Pittsburgh, 2015
K12 Career Development Award, National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, 2014-2017
K23 Career Development Award, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, 2017-present

Research, Clinical & Academic Interests

  • Acute brain injury
  • Post-cardiac arrest care
  • Neurological prognostication
  • Longitudinal big data methods

Elmer J, Coppler PJ, Solanki P, Westover MB, Struck AF, Baldwin ME, Kurz MC and Callaway CW. Time-dependent sensitivity of continuous electroencephalography after cardiac arrest. JAMA Open. 2020. In press.

Elmer J, Callaway CW, Chang CC, Madaras J, Martin-Gill C, Nawrocki P, Seaman KAC, Sequeira D, Traynor OT, Venkat A, Walker H, Wallace DJ and Guyette FX. Long-term outcomes of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest at regionalized centers. Ann Emerg Med. 2018. In press.

Elmer J, Rittenberger JC, Faro J, Molyneaux BJ, Popescu A, Callaway CW, and Baldwin ME for the Pittsburgh Post-Cardiac Arrest Service. Clinically distinct electroencephalographic phenotypes of early myoclonus after cardiac arrest. Annals Neurol. 2016. Aug;80(2):175-84.

Elmer J, Jones BL, Zadorozhny VI, Puyana JC, Flickinger KL, Callaway CW, Nagin D. A novel methodological framework for multimodality, trajectory model-based prognostication. Resuscitation. 2019 Apr 1;137:197-204.

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Assistant Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine (primary)
Assistant Professor, Department of Critical Care Medicine (secondary)
Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology (secondary)
Co-director, UPMC Organ Donor Support Service

Recognition for Outstanding Service and Leadership, Center for Organ Recovery and Education, 2017
Young Investigator Award, American Heart Association Scientific Sessions, 2016
Best Abstract, American Heart Association Scientific Sessions, Resuscitation Science Symposium, 2015