Hülya Bayır, MD

Professor, Critical Care Medicine, Environmental and Occupational Health

UPMC Endowed Chair in Pediatric Critical Care Research

Contact Information


Administrative Contact:
Vickie Johnson

Education & Training

MD, Hacettepe University, 1995
Internship, Pediatrics, Hacettepe University, 1996
Residency, Pediatrics, State University of New York at Stony Brook, 1999
Fellowship, Pediatric Critical Care, University of Pittsburgh, 2002

Research, Clinical & Academic Interests

  • Lipid signaling and lipid imaging in cell death and inflammation
  • Mitochondrial injury and mitochondria - targeted therapies
  • Redox biomedicine

Ji J, Kline AE, Amoscato A, Samhan - Arias AK, Sparvero LJ, Tyurin VA, Tyurina YY, Fink B, Manole MD, Puccio AM, Okonkwo DO, Bayır H. Lipidomics identifies cardiol ipin oxidation as a mitochondrial target for redox therapy of brain injury. Nature neuroscience. 2012 Oct;15(10):1407.

Tyurina YY, Poloyac SM, Tyurin VA, Kapralov AA, Jiang J, Anthonymuthu TS, Kapralova VI, Vikulina AS, Jung MY, Epperly MW, Bayır H, Mohammadyani D. A mitochondrial pathway for biosynthesis of lipid mediators. Nature chemistry. 2014 Jun;6(6):542.

Kagan VE, Mao G, Qu F, Angeli JP, Doll S, St Croix C, Dar HH, Liu B, Tyurin VA, Ritov VB, Kapralov AA, Bayır H. Oxidized arachidonic and adrenic PEs navigate cell s to ferroptosis. Nature chemical biology. 2017 Jan;13(1):81.

Wenzel SE, Tyurina YY, Zhao J, Croix CM, Dar HH, Mao G, Tyurin VA, Anthonymuthu TS, Kapralov AA, Amoscato AA, Bayır H, Mikulska - Ruminska K. PEBP1 wardens ferroptosis by enabling lipoxygenase generation of lipid death signals. Cell. 2017 Oct 19;171(3):628 - 41.

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Academic Chief and Director of Research, Division of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
Director, UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Neuroscience Institute
Associate Director, Center for Free Radical and Antioxidant Health, University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health
Associate Director, Safar Center for Resuscitation Research

Elected Member, American Society of Clinical Investigation , 2014
Society for Free Radical Research Europe/ Oxygen Club of California Clinical Science Award, 2017
Chancellor’s Distinguished Research Award, University of Pittsburgh, 2018
Pittsburgh Magazine's list of the “Best Doctors in Pittsburgh” 2012 - 2018